23 April 2013

A Piece of Cake

Thought I had better brush the cobwebs away and post something, it's been so long since my last one.

Well, I decided to show you some cakes that my two daughters have made over the last month or so. It all started when my second Granddaughter was one year old and her Aunty Amanda decided to make her a cake, not knowing what this would look like Sarah my other daughter bought a cake, (just in case)  as she said, it didn't turn out right. 
This was all taken in good fun by Amanda.  
Surprise, surprise the cake was good and was placed in the middle of the party table, and so the cake making hobby started, they both joined forces and four years later they are still making them and enjoying making cakes for family and friends.

Hope you like!!!!

Birthday cake for Daniel, five years old.

Moshi Monster
Cake for Hannah, five years old.

                                                                     Paddington Bear
                                                                          For Jane


Pigs in mud, oops (Chocolate)
For Sam